Moving & Handling Support

Andrea Williams MCSP qualified as a Moving and Handling Trainer in 2003 and has since worked with many organisations to improve safer systems of work in care home establishments, private sector and primary care trusts. She has to date provided over 500 Moving and Handling assessments in a variety of different care settings.

With this background knowledge, Physiotherapy Services UK Ltd can support the following:

  • Advice and support on how to move and handle the client
  • Support to informal (family carers) and formal carers
  • Advice on appropriate equipment

Physiotherapy assessments of individuals supports client Moving and Handling assessments. Handling and transferring the client using appropriate methods, compliments treatment goals and is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Specific advice can be provided on transfers eg. Assisting a person to stand up from a chair, repositioning in bed, car transfers etc.

Appropriate equipment provision can also be advised upon, some of which can be supplied through the NHS or sourced from elsewhere eg, walking aids, standing turners, stand aid hoists.

Andrea Williams MCSP, has provided the following support to local Primary Care Trusts:

  • Acted as Moving and Handling Advisor for 18 months
  • Advisor to the Development Support Group at Community Equipment Services
  • Commissioned to analyse clinical risks of equipment in the community. Recommendations made, resulted in the development of a post for an ‘Equipment Review Officer’.
  • Commissioned to steer a pilot study over a 17 month period, offering Moving and Handling Support to Family Carers. Results of the study helped to secure the permanent development of a post.
  • In-house training updates for multi-professional groups as well as bespoke training where appropriate.
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"I have more confidence in handling my mother by myself and with other carers, knowing that there is less likelihood of hurting her or myself

My husband can now get in and out of the chair without help and getting in and out of bed is much easier. All helps me as his carer and helps him to be more independent

I know how to move my wife effectively and safely. It has reduced the physical and mental stress on me

Less risk, less worry, less stress"

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