Physiotherapy Services UK Limited

Gentleman using a gutter frame

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited

Working on better knee control to help improve standing balance

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited

Assisting a person to walk

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited
Physiotherapy Services UK Limited

Upper limb exercises with a lady following her stroke - see above picture also

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited

Seating Assessments. Poor support. Chair too wide and deep resulting in poor posture

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited

Seating Assessments. Good support. New chair is narrower and lower, improving posture and comfort

Physiotherapy Provision

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited offers treatment and management of individuals with a variety of conditions which include the following:

All treatments are provided within the clients own home or care home establishments. Andrea Williams MCSP, works closely alongside any care staff involved, to support the overall management of clients. Andreas experience in the field of Moving and Handling, often helps to further clients progress and can also assist those who care for the individual concerned. Andrea regularly communicates with other professionals and has a large network of contacts, making it easier to access other disciplines if this is required e.g. Occupational Therapy.

Physiotherapy input may include:


‘Alex had a severe stroke approximately 7 years ago. This left her with considerable physical disability. We count ourselves as extremely fortunate in finding Andrea. From the outset, she was extremely realistic about what could be achieved . Within weeks we realised what a treasure Andrea was, after Alex was not only able to sit upright, but to stand and transfer. She is now able to walk several metres with help and has gained considerable confidence, self esteem and huge improvement in her quality of life. We make no exaggeration when we say we consider this to be a small miracle.

Andrea's ability to communicate with a variety of people on a variety of levels is only one of her many skills. She is extremely professional and sensitive in her work and involves the whole family in discussing, demonstrating and celebrating any progress which Alex makes, also helping us to understand those things she can't achieve. She is always happy to show us the techniques she uses and to suggest ways in which we can help Alex sit, stand, transfer and walk.

Andrea's dedication and skills extend far beyond what we ever expected. She has regularly communicated with other professionals including consultants and healthcare workers involved with Alex, ensuring that she is receiving the best care possible from all of those working with her. She has secured mobility aids and equipment which we didn't even know existed and has advised her carers and also ourselves on their use.

We believe Andrea is a physiotherapist in a million.’

Carmen McCunnin

‘Following a major stroke, my mother was left with almost no use of her left side. With Andrea’s expert help and persistence she regained the use of her left leg enough to be able, with help, to get up from her chair and walk with a stick. This meant she was able to walk to the dining-room in the nursing home for lunch every day. She also regained some flexibility in her left arm and shoulder. Andrea's positive approach has been an important factor in maintaining my mother's high spirits.

She has continued to inspire my mother to try and improve.’

Andrew Watson Jones & Meg Jones

‘Andrea has provided Physiotherapy input for our Nursing Home residents and staff training for the last ten years. Her input has been invaluable to staff, residents and their families. She helps to maintain their independence and in some cases aids their return home. Andrea has a kind, caring disposition and spends time with both residents and their families. Her knowledge is always up to date and she is able to access the latest moving and handling advice and equipment. All in all we are a better home providing the full range of care, which would not be possible without Andrea’s continued dedication.’

Shirley Dwyer, Registered Manager of Maesbrook Care Home

I started seeing Andrea four months after a stroke left me immobile on my left hand side. I chose her services because of her neurological background and experience which has proved invaluable. My progress since seeing Andrea is measurable and I see improvement each week. She has given me back my confidence and the belief that I can continue moving forward. I look forward to each session we have.

Andrea is professional as well as being fun to work with.’

John Wood

Physiotherapy Services UK Limited